Due to genealogical education pursuits, at the moment I am unable to take additional genealogy clients.

Thank you for considering the Albany Grave Digger for your genealogical solutions. Albany Grave Digger Genealogy Services is operated by Christopher White; and is a comprehensive professional genealogical venture that specializes in research particularly in the Capital Region of Albany, New York and also with online Dutch genealogical research. Christopher is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) among numerous genealogical organizations. He adheres to the Code of Ethics of the APG. He has over thirty years of experience conducting genealogical research.

Albany Grave Digger Genealogical Services can help you:

● Get started with your research
● Get past a brick wall
● Organize your genealogy or research project
● Prepare a properly sourced genealogical report
● Full service genealogical research (please see Genealogical Research Contract)
Other services:
● Basic record search
 Document/record retrieval from various repositories, libraries, and online sites
 $35 per hour.
 Mileage outside of a 25 mile radius of Albany charged at the rate authorized by the IRS (presently .53/mile)
 Costs such as photocopies, parking fees, and postage borne by client
● Consultation services
 $25 per hour via in person, Google Hangouts, or Skype
● Lectures
 Negotiable, based upon topic and travel distance.
● Photographic services
 Photograph ancestral homes (three views: front, left, and right angle)
 Locate, photograph, and transcribe cemetery gravestones
 $25 per hour
 $2 per printed and digital copy
Four Phase Process for Contracting Your Genealogical Research
● Phase One: Initial Contact
First, I will discuss what previous research was conducted and its findings and what your objectives are for new research. Second, we will discuss the Contract and costs for the research. Third, the Research Questionnaire and the Contract must be completed and signed. Fourth, the retainer must be paid.
 I respect the privacy of all living individuals and we will not share information about living persons.
 I will not share information that you provide us that is not already a matter of public record or knowledge.
 I will use your personal information to conduct genealogical research that you have contracted for.
● Phase Two: Information Review and Research Plan
Upon receipt of our signed Contract, your signed Research Questionnaire, and your paid retainer, I will review all provided information and prepare a plan to work toward your research objective.
● Phase Three: Research
First, genealogical research will be conducted utilizing all tools and resources available to work toward your objective. Second, during the research phase there will be at least one status update as to the research progress, both positive and negative results. Third, the Client understands that I make no guarantee to solve genealogical goal(s) since the availability of information if any varies from area to area as well as from individual to individual and that conclusions are based on weight of available evidence. I will use all available resources and do my very best to locate your ancestors and documents, but also provides no guarantee that any or all ancestors or documents will be located as a result of a search.
● Phase Four: Findings and Final Report
First, upon research and final report completion, the Client will be notified of the research project completion and billed according to Contract stipulations. Second, upon payment received, a detailed summary report of research and findings, if any, along with suggestions for further research will be immediately sent to the Client. All reports provided by Albany Grave Digger Services will be sourced and documented and copies and/or original documents will be included.

If you are interested in securing the Albany Grave Digger for work, please view and download the Genealogical Research Contract page and the research questionnaire for further information on rates and my process.

Please view my full Curriculum Vitae for my education, specialties, affiliations, and work.